Become an Active Marketer Member of the DVEMA

Active marketer membership is open to any individual, partnership, or corporation engaged in business as a full-service re-seller of No. 2 heating oil. Full-service includes offering burner service and installation of oil heating equipment to customers. Fill out the short form below to apply for active marketer membership at the DVEMA! To learn more about associate membership, please click here.

Sustaining Membership

Sustaining membership is available to employees of active marketer and associate members. They may participate in all affairs and meetings but do not have voting privilege which is limited to the designated representative of the business. Dues are $25.00 per year and billed annually. For this payment the sustaining member is placed on the regular mailing list, invited to all functions, and entitled to receive all correspondence.

Membership in the Delaware Valley Energy Marketers Association is a privilege and is conditioned upon all classes of members conducting business affairs in compliance with the association’s code of ethics.